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About Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Dubrovnik is located in the very south of Croatia. As the pearl of the Adriatic, defying time and preserving its rich history and culture. Over a thousand years of its history has made it a European cultural center. At first, it was a small community, and in time the city experienced flourishing and became the seat of an independent Dubrovnik Republic. The Dubrovnik people are master the art of seamanship, creating a fleet in the South Adriatic that could be compared to that of Venice in the north.


Dubrovnik is 25 km away from the international airport of Dubrovnik. Regularly connected with most European centers. And 90 km from the motorway, which connects Croatia with Europe. Apart from the very good air and land connections Dubrovnik can also boast an excellent maritime connection. Dubrovnik harbor is one of the most visited in the Mediterranean.

Dubrovnik culture

Dubrovnik old cityThe town is known for its cultural heritage. Hundreds of years old masterpieces of Renaissance and Baroque architecture. Suitable for mild winter and warm and dry summers. 250 sunny days a year, beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and fragrant Mediterranean plants.

Numerous Croatian poets, writers and painters come from Dubrovnik. Which has remained a source of inspiration for many artists.

The indispensable traditional event of the City of Dubrovnik is the Festival of St. Blaise. Every year there are numerous world cultural events such as the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, the Dubrovnik International Film Festival and the “Rachlin and Friends Festival”.

Dubrovnik is famous for its rich gastronomic delicacies, top “Stone” oysters and some of the finest Croatian wines such as Plavac, Dingac, Pošip, and Postup originating from the Dubrovnik region. The indispensable part of the Dubrovnik tavern are also desserts such as “kontonjata, mantala, arancina, brustulane mjendule”, dried figs, local liqueurs from fruit, flowers, and brandy with herbs.

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