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About Ika

IkaIka is a place with something over 400 inhabitants on the eastern coast of Istria, in the Kvarner Bay. It is located on the Opatija riviera, and administratively as a settlement belongs to the city of Opatija. Today, Ika almost got together with neighboring places, Icici in the north and Lovran in the south.

For a long time, Ika was a fishing village and port for the export of goods to nearby towns and settlements on the slopes of Učka. At the beginning of the 18th century, small wooden ships began to be built here, but as in many other places, such shipbuilding collapsed in the 19th century. Then, however, begins a flashy tourist climb of the neighboring Opatija. In the beginning, only fruit and vegetables are grown, and vineyards grow for the needs of Opatija guests, but the tourist wave is soon touching Ika.

A significant event for the development of Ika tourism was the introduction of the steamship line Rijeka – Pula in 1887, which also approached Ika. Perhaps more important was the construction of a tramway from the railway station in Matulji, across Opatija and Ika to Lovran, opened in 1908. For all fans of tram traffic, and we know that there are many, unfortunately we have to say that there is no tram there. It was abolished in 1933.

More history

At the beginning of the 20th century, in Ika was built an ice factory and a canned fish factory. This former industrial complex is located along the Banin stream. If you are concerned about contemporary prejudices, which are only rarely based, that tourism and industry can’t work together, it is to be said that these factories are no longer working. The building of the former ice factory is a true monument of industrial architecture from the beginning of the 20th century and certainly worth looking at.

At the turn of the 19th century, a coastal promenade, seafront promenade, Volosko, Opatija, Icici and Ika to Lovran, 12 km long, are being built. This is probably the most popular promenade in Croatia today. Along the promenade, there are numerous memorials of the famous people who stayed here.

As in Opatija, there are many beautiful historical and secessionist villas built for the Austrian and the other aristocracy. That is, Ika gets its final architectural vision, which today is no longer significantly damaged by the so-called. “Apartment block”, and the Ike nucleus is registered as a cultural monument. These villas are harmoniously complemented by the older, typical fishing village of small and the taller, narrow houses lying behind each other forming narrow streets between them, and there are also larger civil and captains houses with rich facades and larger parcels.


Ika is because of its mild and pleasant climate suitable for vacation throughout the year. But of course, the main tourist season is in the summer. In this small place, however, it is always lively – in the summer there are lots of guests from all around the world, and in the rest of the year the students of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management are here.

The construction of the traffic route known as the Istrian Ypsilon has significantly lowered the coastal road traffic from Opatija to Pula on which Ika is located. Thus contributing to the possibilities of quality and quiet rest in Ika.


In Ika and its immediate surroundings, you will find numerous pebble or rocky beaches and bays. Often surrounded by lush vegetation that will be of great use if you want to get in the shade. In the place there are two pebble beaches. One will say one beach of two parts, with catering facilities and a rich offer of additional contents.


The traditional cuisine of this region is an interesting mix of many different influences with added specialties. The typical Mediterranean cuisine is here under the influence of the specificity of Istria and the Croatian Littoral. A special “taste” is given to her homemade cherry, which is used in many pastries, and more chestnut, maroon, for which this region is widely known. Used in local cuisine for sauces and in combination with meat and game meats.

Here you will find several quality restaurants and taverns that will present you in the pleasant ambience and friendly staff to present the richness and specialty of the traditional gastronomic offer of this region. Or if you would like to prepare for you international dishes and dishes characteristic of other parts of Croatia. Saved from the best foods.

Active holidays

Walkers will enjoy the famous seafront promenade, hiking, and mountain biking enthusiasts at Učka, on the Ika slopes. There are numerous hiking trails and mountain biking trails on Učka. And many of it is worth seeing – from natural beauty, plant life wealth, geological phenomena, to ancient mountain huts and medieval towns on Učka slopes.

The boaters will be interested in having a well-equipped marina in the nearby Icici. Just 1 km away from Ika. The mountaintop and boat crane are also located in Ika.

Various sporting activities can be done by the sea or on the sea. From beach volleyball, pedal or paddle riding, sailing or recreational fishing, for which you need to obtain a license. You can play tennis on the terrains in the nearby Icicles.

There are numerous possibilities for excursions around the area that you can plan for yourself. You can also use the local public transport bus with which you can reach Rijeka, Opatija, Volosko, Mošćenice, Mošćenička Draga or Brseč. You can also go to Lovran, but it is so close to it that there really is no point to go by bus. In the hinterland of Opatija, on the slopes of Učka, it is worth visiting the medieval town of Veprinac.


You can go for an evening entertainment in Ika at one of the cafes. During the summer months, Ika is organizing fishing festivals. Where you will have fun and enjoy the fish specialties.

Discos, rich nightlife and various cultural, entertainment, gastronomic, sports and similar events will be found in Lovran and Opatija. Both places are close enough to get there on foot, especially Lovran.

Arrival in Ika

Ika is located on the road that leads east of Istra from Opatija to Pula. If you are coming from the direction of Rijeka, you will arrive in Ika by that road. If you arrive by the “Istrian Ypsilon” or by the A8 motorway, you will turn left after the Učka tunnel.

You can reach the Ika bus by direct lines from all major Croatian cities. Rijeka is about 18 km from Ika and is connected by local public transport bus. It runs every 30-35 minutes, from about 05:00 to 23:30. You can reach Rijeka by bus from almost all places in Croatia and numerous European cities, by train, or by boat.

The nearest international airports are Rijeka, the island of Krk and Pula. There are several low-fare airline fleets in both airports, linking them to numerous European cities. From Rijeka Airport there is an organized transport to Rijeka. There is also organized transportation from Pula Airport to Pula Bus Station, from where you can reach Ika by bus. Of course, at both airports, it is possible to hire a car or get to Ika by taxi, and there is a possibility of organizing transfers. The same possibilities exist at Zagreb’s Pleso Airport, which is about 180 km from Ika.

Lovran (0 km from Ika), Icici (0 km from Ika), Opatija (4 km from Ika) and Matulji (9 km from Ika)

Accommodation in Ika

You can find a lot of apartments and rooms in Ika. And also there is a hotel there. If you can’t find accommodation in Ika. You can find it in the following places near Ika: Icici, Lovran, Moščenićka Draga or Opatija, Volosko and in Rijeka.

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