Holidays to Croatia, Kvarner Riviera



MedvejaMedveja, small beautiful place on west Istrian coast. Only nine kilometers from Opatija, and two kilometers from Lovran. The legend says that Medveja was named after the Greek myth heroine Medeja, after hiding in that area with Jason. The underground streams flowing directly from the Ucka mountain into the sea on the beach of Medveja. According to the same story, is Medea’s tears.
Medveja beautiful pebble beach with its total area occupies 44 km2. Here everyone can find a perfect place to rest. But, there is also, a campground situated in the area of the delta of the creek which flows from Ucka Mountain.


Medveja beach offers unique sports facilities. Aqua park and a variety of water content for those adventurous spirit and sports recreation. There is an outdoor beach bar on the Medveja beach with carefully selected cocktails. A coffee bar and a restaurant where you can enjoy sea and meat specialties.

This place, not far from Opatija, is an ideal haven for lovers of intact nature and peace. And guests can also find private accommodation and campsite facilities at the newly-refurbished car camp at the foot of Ucka Mountain. It is also the perfect destination for those in search of a little peace. And for families with children who can play carelessly here.

And what about acommodation? You can find acommodation in Medveja in rooms and apartments, as well as the campsite located near the beach. Also there is a hotel in Medveja. Located 200 m from the beach and 100 m from city center.

It is a real haven on Earth, for every nature lover.